Adaptive Organisations

An online course for people to change organisations for the  21st century.

"Our team started out wanting to make changes, but not having the tools or guidance to take specific actions. By the end of the course we not only had knowledge and workshops we could implement within our business, but a deeper trust within the group that will sustain our momentum."

- Sarah Brockman, Music Licensing Manager
5/5 Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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Unpack the world and put it back together. Better.

This holistic course is designed to take your group on a journey to evolve your organisation. From the off participants are asked to question fundamental assumptions about the world and how organisations work. Step by step the journey gets more and more tangible, asking participant to take responsibility and take real action.

• Challenge fundamental assumptions
• Consider new organisational models
• Take control (of what you can)
• Create tangible change in your team
• Grow as a person and in your relationships

"Working with Jon has been a joy. This course has really helped the team to gain confidence in the knowledge that the small changes we make can have significant impact."

- Tope Medupin, Head of Business Ops
4/5 Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Cover the whole spectrum. Widen your breadth.

Learning packs include:

Pack 1 - The Changing World

This pack is designed to help people consider a shifting global context which requires us to build different types of organisation and see to reconsider traditional organisations, work and our own mindsets. It includes "perspective" episodes designed to provoke new thoughts, "reflection" episodes to make sense of new insights and a "mini-workshop" to share insights related to change management in a group.

  • Section Introduction
  • The Straight Line Instinct
  • The Destiny Instinct
  • Losing Control
  • Ice or Liquid
  • The Implications Map
  • [BONUS] Daily Anchor Canvas

Pack 2 - Distributed Organisations

With a world as complex as the one we live in, it makes very little sense to work in centralised systems. They tend to be slower, more oppressive, less creative, less engaging and less intelligent than the alternative, distributed organisations. Distributed organisations is what we will focus on, in this pack in order to have the background needed to implement truly new ways of working within our organisations.

  • Section Introduction
  • Fictional Org Charts
  • Customer Centric Organisations
  • Diversity x Distribution = Resilience
  • Layers of Distribution
  • E.g. Holacracy
  • E.g. Spotify Scaling Agile

Pack 3 - Self Organised Teams

Organisations are made up of teams and the best teams today need to be nimble, benefit of the groups wisdom and be hugely engaged and therefore not be subjected to coercion. These are sometimes called Self Organised Teams and in this pack we're going to look at some of the principles that underpin them and some of the technique they use.

  • Section Introduction
  • Principles of Self Organised Teams
  • The Principle Of Expiry
  • Team Wiki Constitution
  • Consent Based Decision Making
  • Team Heartbeat
  • Roles Over Titles
  • Mini-Workshop: Roles over Titles
  • Basic Meeting Format

Pack 4 - Remote Teams

Self-organised teams can only function if their online habits are great too. Increasingly in fact we see that the best self-organised teams are even fully online, sometimes called 'Remote Teams'. These teams offer us an edge case for great practice in terms of online collaboration and they're ways of working if applied to a more traditional organisation can be a great source of change.

  • Section Introduction
  • Open Documentation
  • Open Channels
  • Managing Distractions & Expectations
  • The Human Touch
  • On Being Explicit
  • Personal Development & Remote Teams
  • Making Work Visible
  • Action Episode

Pack 5 - Facilitation

Facilitation is perhaps the skill that can help a group be great. Not only is it there to add huge effectiveness to the output of a team, but it's there to make the whole process of being a group a wonderful thing. Facilitation is in my view perhaps the top skill for the 21st century.

  • Section Introduction
  • What is facilitation?
  • Why facilitation?
  • Types of facilitation
  • Alignment > Agreement
  • Divergent & Convergent Phases
  • Being > Doing
  • Awkward Questions & Interventions
  • Taking Responsibility, Starting With "I"
  • Hosting and Space Design
  • What about online facilitation?

Pack 6 - Leadership & Group Dynamics

It's irrational to think a group of humans is rational. This is the same mistake that in economics is called 'Homo Economicus', the idea that humans are always rational agents. In this pack we take the rational approach of looking at a group real underlying dynamics and how we can help a group to become a high performing team.

  • Section Introduction
  • Integrative Model of Group Development
  • IMGD Workshop
  • Facilitative leadership
  • Openness & Trust
  • Facilitating a reflection session

Pack 7 - Feedback & Relationships

Organisations are made of teams, teams are made of groups and groups are made of relationships. Relationships are the main health sign of an organisation and communication is the tool to increase that health. So in this pack we're going to look at how we can communicate better to build better relationships at work, and in our personal lives.

  • Section Introduction
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Dennett's Rules
  • The Steelmanning Game
  • Facilitating a feedback session
  • Reflective conversations
  • Understanding each other better exercise

Pack 8 - Creating Change

Change is a process, not an event. What supports change in one system at a certain point in time, might not in another system at a different point in time. But there are some principles that it seems we can creatively apply in the ways that seem most fitting to our own context. Here are some of those principles.

  • Section Introduction
  • Find the others
  • What will people move for?
  • Agile activism
  • Inviting humanity
  • Victims & creators
  • Everybody, anybody, somebody & nobody


Enjoy the right format for you.

The course is designed to give a good blend of what I call organisational philosophy and organisational practices. And the way that is delivered varies accordingly. Course components include:

Audio first. Listen wherever and whenever you want.

Think of it like a private podcast.a The course is predominantly audio based. Which means you can listen to it on your way to work. Each episode includes a transcript for those who take in information better that way round.

Audio first with transcripts means that it's really easy to make time to go through the course. 3mins here and there without the need for long hours spent studying.
Webinar calls help remote teams come together and help us to go through real world scenarios as well as run the odd remote workshop. Teams love it and say they create momentum.
"Jon was fantastic to work with - he just seemed to 'get it'. The course material was interesting, easy to follow and incredibly relevant to our company and our people. Jon inspired me to want to better the way I work and showed me that even the smallest of changes can have the biggest impacts. Thank you!"

- Ellie Deeks, HR Manager
4/5 Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Pay-What-You-Can during COVID-19

During these difficult times I think it's important to support each other. I don't want money to be a reason why you wouldn't get access to this. So for the duration of COVID-19, this course is on a 'Pay-What-You-Can' basis. If you feel able to contribute, please do so here:

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Easy-to-digest structure, very actionable points from each pack and so good to get tailor-made advice on the webinars. Jon's a brilliant guy and provided me with some managerial wisdom I've actioned and seen real improvements through."

- Luke McCarthy, Content Manager
4/5 Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️