Design your organisation for both human and commercial growth. Apply self-management methodologies pulled from the fields of engineering and psychology to build a profitable business, which works for people and helps us reach our potential.


I’m Jon and I help organisations to work differently. To become what I call Adaptive Organisations. By adopting new structures, processes, attitudes & behaviours,  my goal is to help groups & individuals become both more autonomous & more aligned. Faster & better. More structured and more creative. More effective and more fun.

Over the course of 3 month experiments, I act as a partner to my clients, helping them design their organisation for both human and commercial growth.

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Everybody is loving it. Every time I talk to them, they are buzzing about it. They are loving the autonomy, they are loving the influence they’re having on the business.
- Nick Pulley, Founder of Selective Asia


My short essay, Wilding Organisations offers a very accessible metaphor to understand how to organise ourselves in a complex world without falling prey to factory logic.

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I cannot recommend this book highly enough! "Wilding Organisations: A ramble about human growth at work" is the most original take on new ways of working that I’ve read. Download it for free or receive a copy for the cost of printing and postage only. Because the author, Jon Barnes, is lovely. Let’s get out of the way!
- Mark Eddleston, Founder of Reinventing Work


My audio-first online course in Adaptive Organisations is an exhaustive resource, allowing you and your teams to learn about both organisational engineering and organisational psychology. Clients have found this to be a great starting point and accompaniement in their journey to build organisations which work for them.

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Working with Jon has been a joy. This course has really helped the team to gain confidence in the knowledge that the small changes we make can have significant impact.
- Tope Medupin, Operations Director at Beamery

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Interested in helping your organisation to work differently? Not sure where to start? Drop me a note here. I'd be happy to chat.

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