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Design your organisation for both human and commercial growth. Apply self-management methodologies pulled from the fields of engineering and psychology to build a profitable business, which works for people and helps us reach our potential.


I’m Jon and I help organisations to work differently. To become what I call Adaptive Organisations. By adopting new structures, processes, attitudes & behaviours,  my goal is to help groups & individuals become both more autonomous & more aligned. Faster & better. More structured and more creative. More effective and more fun.

Over the course of 3 month experiments, I act as a partner to my clients, helping them design their organisation for both human and commercial growth.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are your habits out of whack? Or perhaps you're distracted? Is your quality of thinking somewhat cloudy?

These are all natural things. The thing is we weren't taught from a young age to manage our self. We didn't learn how to improve our focus, navigate our emotions, sharper our thinking or how to improve our relationships.

Which is why I invite you to learn the art of Inner Management, a 5 session course on Zoom combining meditation and traditional psychological tools to better manage your inner world, so you can increase your effect on your outer world.

January / February- Zoom

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Everybody is loving it. Every time I talk to them, they are buzzing about it. They are loving the autonomy, they are loving the influence they’re having on the business.
- Nick Pulley, Founder of Selective Asia

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My short essay, Wilding Organisations offers a very accessible metaphor to understand how to organise ourselves in a complex world without falling prey to factory logic.

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I cannot recommend this book highly enough! "Wilding Organisations: A ramble about human growth at work" is the most original take on new ways of working that I’ve read. Download it for free or receive a copy for the cost of printing and postage only. Because the author, Jon Barnes, is lovely. Let’s get out of the way!
- Mark Eddleston, Founder of Reinventing Work


My audio-first online course in Adaptive Organisations is an exhaustive resource, allowing you and your teams to put learn both theory and practices for creating a more autonomous organisation. In the course, you'll learn elements of engineering and organisational psychology all on-demand at your own pace in bite size chunks.

Clients have found this to be a great starting point and accompaniment in their journey to build organisations which work for them. For full access simply enter your email address below and you'll receive login details.

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Working with Jon has been a joy. This course has really helped the team to gain confidence in the knowledge that the small changes we make can have significant impact.
- Tope Medupin, Operations Director at Beamery

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