Adaptive Organisations

Drawing on experience and research in both the fields of engineering and psychology, I consult organisations to become more adaptive by adopting ways of working predicated on both freedom and responsibility. The desired outcome? Human and commercial growth.

Create fast change without the pain

3 month test cycles.

Change can hurt. When done to us, it can hurt double. Too much of it can exhaust us. Sure ‘Transformation’ is 'Disruptive', but it can also be destructive.

Which is why I help team self-identify and self-design small experiments over the course of 3 month test cycles. These are tiny steps which have a compound effect over time, and which over 3 months, can have a big impact, change habits and all that with little to no disruption.

No need for buy-in when a group has to unpick their own problems, design their own solutions, and learn their own lessons.

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I hardly know where to begin, so I start with the general feeling: I'm having the time of my life! I use a lot of the techniques I learnt from you. Our company is much more open than it used to be. The ratings in our employee surveys are kind of soaring...
- Lukas Stuber, Founder Dept Agency

Engineering & Psychology.

To become more adaptive, organisations must take inspiration from a couple of very different world views: engineering & psychology.

The former uses smart structures and processes which can help large numbers of people to self-organise. The latter uses methods including facilitation, coaching and self-reflection to help both individuals and groups become more adaptive and to self-manage. This is why I use both.

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