Take off the shackles and see your teams grow in autonomy in just 3 months without the upheaval of big change processes.

Fast change without the pain

See your team grow in autonomy.

Change can hurt. When done to us, it can hurt double. Too much of it can exhaust us. ‘Transformation’ is very disruptive (and maybe destructive). Which is why I help team self-identiy and self-design small experiments over the course of 3 month test cycles.

These are tiny steps which have a compound effect over time, and which over 3 months, can have a big impact, change habits and all that
with little to no disruption.

No need for buy-in when a group has to unpick their own problems, design their own solutions, and learn their own lessons.

2 Tracks

Autonomous teams with empowering leaders.

Helping an organisation move towards more autonomous ways of working requires both teams to step up how much responsibility they take, and it requires leaders to step aside and allow more freedom. This is why I always work simultaneously with 2 tracks:

Leader Track: I work with the CEO / Founder / MD for 1hr per week 1-2-1 to help them create the conditions for change. This means both sensing what the organisation needs, as well as looking into their own individual leadership style and personal development in order to better steward the organisation towards autonomy.

Org Track: I work with teams to create change by testing new tools and practices as well cultural and attitudinal shifts. Through a combination of strategy work, participative workshops, training in specific tools and practices, teams become able to self-organise more effectively and efficiently.

3 Phases

Develop your unique culture.
See results fast.

Organisations all have their quirks. People are different and weird. Things that work in one place, don’t always work in another. Some things seem to work roughly for everybody, but not all. This is why I work with your unique needs, following a phased model:

Listen (~2 weeks)

Through 1-2-1 interviews & surveys I try to understand your unique culture ; through surveys I gage the temperature in the room and set benchmarks ; through audits I get some important info.

Co-Own (~2 weeks)

Then through a workshop and a talk, I help the group to identify the improvements they’d like to see and importantly, to start taking shared ownership over how and who might improve this.

Test & Learn (~8 weeks)

Having identified areas for work, I help groups to move towards more autonomous ways of working. By training teams to test new ways of working, tools and practices, they quickly see small changes lead to big results in a reasonably short period of time with no disruption.

Everybody is loving it. Every time I talk to them, they are buzzing about it. They are loving the autonomy, they are loving the influence they’re having on the business.
- Nick Pulley, Founder of Selective Asia

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My audio-first online course in Adaptive Organisations is an exhaustive resource, allowing you and your teams to put learn both theory and practices for creating a more autonomous organisation. In the course, you'll learn elements of engineering and organisational psychology all on-demand at your own pace in bite size chunks.

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Working with Jon has been a joy. This course has really helped the team to gain confidence in the knowledge that the small changes we make can have significant impact.
- Tope Medupin, Operations Director at Beamery

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Interested in helping your organisation to work differently? Not sure where to start? Drop me a note here. I'd be happy to chat.

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