A short and gentle course for people wanting to better manage their inner worlds so they can be more effective in their outer world.

January - February 2024

Pay What Feels Good 🙏
"Jon has shown me I can silence the madness. I can keep focused and deliver even when things are pushing their way in. As someone who wouldn't ordinarily use meditation to aid my home and working life I'm officially a convert. Thank you, Jon!"
- Dan Noyce, Sales & Relationship Manager at IMEX
Course Participant

What are you really capable of...?

‘Self-Management’ is a term used typically to describe really autonomous teams.

But the focus is on the team, on the collective. What about the individual?

Who/what is this ‘self’ that we are all being asked to manage?

How do I better manage my inner world?

The World Economic Forum has self-management it as one of the Top 5 Skills for 2025, yet none of us were taught it. There were no school classes entitled healthy conflict or emotional regulation. We weren’t taught to apply critical thinking to our inner worlds.

Few of us were ever given the chance to enquire as to what this self is composed of, and how we might better manage it.

Principles for performance.

Learn tools and mental models to help you boost your performance.

Inspired by Western Psychology, you go through a series of exercises and learn the tools necessary to:

  • Be less distracted at work
  • Be less overwhelmed by work
  • Think more critically
  • Improve your relationships
  • ... and more.
"During a difficult period in my work life, I gained tools/techniques that enabled me to pause, reflect and look at the whole picture. Some of these I continue to use in my everyday life and my ability to focus has increased."
- Karl Sell, Director at Selective Asia
Course Participant

Practice for peace.

Learn daily practices to help you find some inner peace and be less bothered by things.

Inspired by Eastern psychological traditions, you will practice various meditation techniques which will help you to:

  • Be less overwhelmed
  • Reduce stress
  • More easily choose positive emotions
  • Be less bothered by negative emotions
  • Get over your 'self'
  • ... and more.
"A moment of worriless floating amongst a sea of stuff."
- Koen Thewissen, Founder of WeAreDaniel and Belgian Advertising School
Course Participant

Short and sweet.

5 weeks.
5 sessions.
No homework.

That's it. We have 1x Zoom call per week for 5x weeks. In each session you'll practice at least one new meditation technique and discover one new model.

Sessions are max 90mins on Friday mornings.

"Jon has a way of simplifying things so they become really accessible. A great introduction into the benefits of meditation and effective ways to focus."
Course Participant

Build good habits.

Keep up the good work in your own time.

Every meditation technique you learn on the course will be added to your library so that you can practice it on daily basis in your own time.

You'll also receive worksheets, book and podcast recommendations for the hungry ones who want to self-study further.

"A really insightful, thoughtful and genuinely fun way to learn and cement some new techniques to help traverse the modern world."
- Aaron Smart, Destination Specialist at Selective Asia
Course Participant

who is this for?

Anybody interested in growing working on themselves, suffering less or increasing their performance.

Where is it?

On Zoom.


Times are UK (GMT+0)

  • Friday 26th January
    9.30am - 11am
  • Friday 2nd February
    9.30am - 11am
  • Friday 9th February
    9.30am - 11am
  • Friday 16th February
    9.30am - 11am
  • Friday 23rd February
    9.30am - 11am


£300 + VAT

Note: If you can’t afford this don't worry. I don’t want money to prohibit people coming on this particular course. I can’t promise, but I’ll attempt to accommodate. Contact me here.


Learn basic meditation techniques to improve 2x forms of focus. Make a plan to improve your habits and be less distracted.

Learn to understand what feelings are, how to notice them, how to be less bothered by them and how to subtly nudge them favourably.

Learn to notice your thinking patterns, learn to examine thoughts, learn to 'have thoughts' rather than 'your thoughts have you'. Improve your relationship with your mind. Learn to think sharper.

Learn to switch from debate to dialogue. Learn how to turn everybody (even your  enemies) into loving teachers. Learn how to expand your thinking. Learn to navigate conflict and understand your needs.

Learn to be more aware. Find out what's under the hood of behaviours you find difficult to change. Close off the course with a sense of completion.

Pay What Feels Good 🙏
"That was an absolute Masterclass. I'm less distracted at work, I'm noticing negative thought loops more. This was just the refresher I needed to remember how valuable a meditation practice can be to my life."
- George King, Graphic Designer

Pay-What-Feels-Good 🙏

On this course, I'm teaching the basics of the most important things I have ever learned in my life. And some of this stuff, was given to me for free. The benefits I've received from these learnings have been life changing and I would hate money to be the reason why somebody else didn't get the same benefit I have.

So with this in mind, if the Standard Price doesn't feel right to you, please pay a some that actively feels good to you.


Jon 🙏

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