A one-day workshop for tired leaders and business owners who are fed up with everything coming back to them and want to nurture more autonomy in their teams.

Friday 30th June
South Downs National Park

Do you own your business? Or does your business own you?

Tired of everything always relying on you?
Wish you could share the load but not sure how?

I hear this amongst leaders and owners of small & medium sized businesses all the time.

Everything always comes back to you. Constant responsibility. The thing is, this might be an opportunity...

You’ve grown the business to a certain size, but what got you here, won’t move forward, and it certainly won’t give you your freedom back or make your team happy.

So stop. Come for a walk. Meet good people. Eat great food. And get expert guidance to re-design your business to better serve you.

You will leave with a plan for a more sustainable business that serves you and your team.

I don’t really know how to express my gratitude for the ways you’ve helped me this year.
- Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX

Get some peace.

Walk in nature.
Meet good people.
Eat healthy food.

Get an immediate feeling of peace and perspective from spending a day in nature with good people and healthy food.

Stay away from the screen and see the bigger picture alongside like-minded people.

Return to normal life clear sighted with your glass full.

Create a sustainable plan.

Leave with a practical plan for building an organisational model which gives you and your teams more autonomy.

Unpick your organisational design, learn a new way to distribute work and decision making.

Have clear next steps for decreasing your workload and sharing responsibility.

Learn radically new ways of working.

Increase your (& your team's) autonomy.

Open your mind to new methods to sustainably share responsibility amongst your team so that they take ownership too.

Leave with a clear plan for your people to grow and for you to focus on the things that matter whilst getting a better work life balance.

who is this for?

The people who will benefit most from this workshop are:
• Business owners, founders or leaders
• People who lead businesses or teams of at least 10 people
• People who are experiencing the limits of 'being the boss'; i.e. too many decisions coming back to you, taking on too much responsibility for others

Where is it?

East Sussex, South Downs National Park, 30mins from Brighton. The remote location is nestled in the downs and near the river Ouse so that we can walk, be in nature, and eat beautiful food.


Friday 30th June


£800 + VAT
(±10 places max)


Morning: Unpack and understand
We'll gather at a designated meeting point, before starting the day with a walk to our venue. There will be facilitated conversations with good people to lead you to  insights around your current situation, followed by a delicious lunch.

You will: get some peace, understand your current situation better, get a better idea of what you want, hear the perspectives of others in similar situation

Afternoon: Perspectives and planning
After lunch, we'll launch into workshops, honest self-reflection exercises as well to exposure to new ways of working. You will be guided towards a clear plan for a new organisational design optimised for autonomy.

You will: learn new models for designing an organisation predicated on autonomy; have an initial plan to implement which will lead you to far more spaciousness and a more engaged team; have some experiments to change the way you lead

Thanks for all your support this year. It has had a huge impact on the business & all of us in it. Everything we’ve done has also had a big influence on me from a personal perspective and I feel closer than ever to fulfilling the dreams that the business was made for in the first place.
- Tom McLoughlin, CEO of SEO Travel & Growth Recruits

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