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Going to "Grown-Up School"​

Screaming, crying, tears as he held onto my arm, not letting me leave. It was horrible. A couple of weeks ago I had to do something...

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Eggs, maths & management

The top complaint I hear from leaders is: ‘My days are filled with team members asking me how to solve quite basic problems.'

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On Manning Up

My son turned 13 years old yesterday. I've felt the grief of him no longer being a child and now I feel the pride and joy of him growing..

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What we get wrong about Psychological Safety

It has become somewhat of a management buzzword and has even made it into the mainstream so-called ‘culture wars’ with students...

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New Year's Resolutions don’t work. But this tool does

Apparently only about 8% of people actually achieve their New Year's resolutions.

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CEOs & Founders, is it time for a 'Leadership Pre-Mortem'?

Whilst the Banks family are off flying their kites, Mary Poppins realises that her work here is done, her people can thrive by themselves...

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Future Advice About Going Back To The Office

As some semblance of hope starts to bubble up and our minds tempt us with the thought of things going back to normal, I have a small fear...

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Total Management

In the 1960s, the Dutch Football Team were a reasonably obscure and small football team, but things were about to change thanks to...

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You're Behaving Like A Child

...This is where I had an epiphany about adults and why I couldn't understood why leaders didn’t trust teams to self-manage. It’s because..

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